Copyright and Legal Stuff

If you want to use my maps or other materials shared here, please see below what and how you can use, share or alter them.

These copyrights and licenses apply only to the materials shared on this blog. Any copyrights or licenses mentioned in published materials will replace the copyrights and licenses mentioned here.

Using My Maps and Other Material

All the maps and other material shared on this website and created by me are licensed under a BY-SA 4.0 international Creative Commons license. #mapvember maps are an exception to this, and they are handled separately below.

This means that you are free to share, modify and use these maps for your own purposes and in your non-commercial publications, as long as you:

  1. Credit me (Miska Fredman) for making them.
  2. Allow the maps to be used under the same license

Creative Commons License
Maps and other material by Miska Fredman are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

The Everpresent Exception: #Mapvember Maps

In case you don’t know what #mapvember is, it is explained in detail here.

#mapvember maps are always listed as their own collections.

#Mapvember maps are licensend under BY 4.0 international Creative Commons license. This means that they free for personal and commercial use as long as you credit me (Miska Fredman) for the work.

Creative Commons License
#Mapvember maps by Miska Fredman are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Commercial Use and Exclusivity

Use can use #Mapvember maps for commercial purposes for free, as long as you follow the instructions above.

Please contact me through the contact form if you would like to use other maps for commercial purposes or have an exclusive right to use them.

I do not take commission work at the moment. Maybe later, when I have more spare time at my hands.