#Mapvember is an open challenge for all who enjoy drawing fictional maps for roleplaying games. These maps can be anything from dungeon maps to geographical maps, as long as the maps are usable without other maps, tools or information.

Check my earlier #mapvember maps here.

But, why?

#Mapvember was created by accident in 2015. I used to draw maps for my tabletop roleplaying campaigns meticulously when I was a teenager an had the time for it, but during the past 20 years or so I had practically quit drawing maps. Maybe a year ago I found out that some talented people, like Dyson Logos (Dyson’s blog) or Karl Sternberg (Karl’s Google+ page) for example, were making really amazing maps. I studied these maps with awe and a growing urge to draw maps, but I never really got the reason or the time for it. Or so I told myself. Then, one day, I got a sudden inspiration to draw a map and I happened to have just a pad of post-its. I drew a small mini-dungeon that could be played as a short adventure. It was so fun that I wanted to draw another one right away. It happened to be the beginning of November and as it’s a fad to have all kinds of themed months, I thought, why not make this a ”mapvember”! People like me, could have that reason to draw maps again and anyone can spare at least 15 minutes of their lives to draw a small post-it map or such. Also, as the idea is to share the maps with others, anyone can benefit from this. Just search from your favorite social media service using #mapvember as a keyword or google it up and hopefully you will find something useful. Isn’t internetz amazing, or what?!?

30 Days, 30 Maps

The idea of #mapvember is to…

  1. Draw a map of some kind each day through the whole November…
  2. Share your creations with others…
  3. Tag your map with a hashtag #mapvember.

That’s pretty much it.

Ok. What kind of maps I should do?

There really is no rules to what kind of maps you should do. You can do what ever inspires you. My only suggestion to you is that the maps should be usable independently. There can be notes and writing on the maps, they can be connected to other maps and so on, as long as you can take a map and use it as is.

What about digital tools?

#mapvember is about making maps, not about the tools you use. As long as you actually design and make the map yourself, using digital tools is just fine.